Mystical Journey in the Beauty of Wonder

This Journey begins with a spectacular view. Deep within the mountains is an adventure of what is to come. There is beauty and danger in the paths you walk. Raging rivers and mountains to scale will make your heart start pounding with the adrenaline rush as you climb higher and higher until you reach the top. Looking into the valley to a site so breath-taking, a beauty of wonder in a Mystical Mountain top. The clouds come and go and you close your eyes, the adrenaline pumping as you spread your wings. In a dream like state you can see the eagle soar. Higher and higher, looking down in one fluid motion time without worries as you take flight to see the splendor before you. Then you open your eyes. As the adrenaline subsides, with the site before you is a Beauty of Wonder. Only then you will see a whole new light.